These drawings are my daily morning meditations. Following twenty minutes of silent contemplation, I enter my heart space and begin to draw.  The forms and symbols that spontaneously emerge do not come from any preconceived ideas, thoughts or agendas.  They do not emerge from rational thought  – or the left side of my brain.  In fact, during meditation, I gently escort these thoughts away, placing them aside to quiet the rational mind ego voice.    What ends up on the paper is my concentrated effort to express pure feelings.

A few days after a drawing is completed, the meaning of the drawing becomes clearer and the writings follow.  All drawings are hand drawn with watercolor pen brushes on 140 lb. watercolor paper.

I use this intuitive method in my work as an architect and urban designer and lead workshops and design teams to access their creativity in this way. In the Western world, where I live, rational thought and “thinking” are the predominate way people work and live. I believe now is our time to integrate the East and the West, North and South, the thinking and the intuitive, the knowing and the feeling. Honoring feeling and heart-felt intuition first, then integrating rational logical thought, brings a better balance and wholeness to my life and my designs.

“We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them”.

“The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift.”

― Albert Einstein

These quotes by Albert Einstein inspire me every day.



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  1. Gregory – I’m presenting on something related to your process next month in Toronto, that is, using reflective drawing in addition to reflective writing in the academic/medical context.

    I’d love to use your work as an example! May I share text & image from this page in my presentation? Of course you will be credited and I will provide links to your site.

    This is the conference, we’re the first workshop:

    • MK-Absolutely. As these drawings & writings arise from the feeling/intuitive side of the brain, as opposed to the thinking/rational side of the brain, it is an intriguing idea to bring them to western medicine where rational thought dominates…..by far. I feel it important to note that this is not a rejection of rationalism, but a gentle reminder to include one’s intuition with the rational. Both-and, not either-or. Life without both is incomplete.

      At your conference, some will get it. Others will be extremely challenged by it. Tell me what happens in T-town.

    • Jorge – Can you be a bit more explicit with your question? The morning drawing and verse follow a morning meditation and I believe are a result of that morning meditation.

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